History of Gambling in New Zealand

Just what does New Zealand law say about online casinos? Let us Explore facts

Gambling in New Zealand has come of age, with the first instances recorded in 1830. Kiwis here used to gamble on horses. Notably, the industry has undergone some changes over time. Indeed, in 1920, bookmarking was abolished and declared illegal. By 1961, the only allowable gambling in NZ was on horses while racing. One requirement was that yu could only bet on the winning horse only if you are at the venue. Over the 80's and 90's a number of laws were passed more so about pokies and other modern iGaming forms. The most notable legislation in this regard was the Gambling Act of 2003. This incorporated a number of aspects in regard to online iGaming as well. Be sure to read more about the history of iGaming in NZ via https://www.onlinecasino-newzealand.biz. Below are some aspects we will explore in the article.

  • Is iGaming in New Zealand legal?
  • Online casinos for Kiwis
  • Need to revise the Gambling Act 2003

Let's get first things first. The question as to whether iGaming is legal in NZ has previously elicited various reactions from different quarters. Let's explore the facts and clear doubts here. Firstly, it's worth noting that the law here doesn't ban any online casino gaming. For this reason, iGaming here is perfectly legal. Kiwis can, therefore, spin reels on their favourite slot's reels or even take on wheel dealers in online casinos of their choice. There is however a catch, establishing an online casino based in NZ isn't allowed by the laws of the land. This means that you can only practise your iGaming at offshore online casinos. Let's delve in further and highlight some of the challenges associated with Kiwis using offshore online casinos instead of homegrown online gaming entities. Click {bsmnca} to read more.

Without an elaborate system for regulating or even licensing casinos for players in their own country, the Government of NZ leaves players at the mercies of offshore casinos. With offshore casinos not having anyone regulating them in NZ, Kiwis simply have to wager on their favourite games, but now allowing themselves to follow rules that govern the offshore casinos. Firstly, the government losses quite a good sum in taxes. Additionally, some offshore casinos are not legit and thereby end up scamming players. For this reason, there is a need to be highly vigilant when choosing an online casino, more so if it is an offshore entity. After all, no one wants to lose their hard-earned money to a fraudulent entity, or even risk your personal details landing in the wrong hands. Below are some aspects to check out when looking for an offshore online casino.

  1. Ensure that it is licensed by a reputable licensing authority.
  2. Countercheck the license number on the casino with relevant databases to confirm its authenticity.
  3. Check out for reviews, just to be sure that no players had bad experiences before.

As mentioned above, it is very prudent that you ensure that the offshore casino you are intending to play at is fully licensed. Indeed, licensing need to be done by a reputable authority. Some of the most reputable online casino licensing authorities to include the Malta Gaming Authority, Isle of Man Gambling Commission or even the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. With a casino licensed by such agencies, you are assured of your safety and of the fact that you can always get your winnings without any issues. Indeed, with such casinos comes peace of mind, knowing that games here are transparent and their random number generators have not been skewed or even altered to give an edge to the operators. Such casinos are regulated and audited from time to time to ensure compliance. Lets finally take a look at what Kiwis might expect in future in regard to a homegrown online casino solution.

Changing times have always called for changing facts. This is the exact case that is facing online iGaming regulatory authorities here. With the country's gambling rules having been crafted in 2003 while the internet was still very young, a lot could have transpired between now and then, and thereby leaving serious lacunas in the law. For instance, this law did not address that there would be online casinos that would be set up in the country, specifically for Kiwis. Since there is no law that addresses such, the government banned any establishments in the kind. In this regard, the Department of Internal Affairs here is looking to revise most of the laws in order to bring to book online casinos, give them a way forward and perhaps even allow for such establishments to thrive. We can only expect the best from the lawmakers in this regard!


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